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Who is Ride?

Ride is the fastest growing taxi/private hire company in the area.

Currently, we complete in excess of 50,000 jobs per week and are on course to transport over 2.5 million passengers this year alone.

With over 500 vehicles, we are now the largest fleet of driver-partners in Lancashire. We continue to grow at pace and are always expanding in to new areas.

Our fleet size and presence means that you are never more than a few minutes away from Ride. In fact, our average pick up time is two minutes. Yes, that’s right – 2 minutes!

We constantly strive to deliver a great customer experience through the use of cutting edge technology and unparalleled service levels.

We were the first company in the country that automated 100% of its bookings through our IVR and App.

We would love for you to come Ride with us.

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